The People’s Elbow


Thirty stomach scraping

recitatives on rape and wrestling, The People's Elbow is what it is to try to process trauma in the twenty-first century. It is slamming the head into the mat repeatedly only to realize the match is rigged for the heel. It is the comfort and confusion of fantasy as a coping mechanism. It is the ways we heal and ways we don't. 

Ursus Americanus Press, 2018

"The People's Elbow is

a tiny book physically. It is about loving The Rock and being raped by Ryan. It is contradictory and true. It is simple like true things are; even true contradictions are simple, and you don't have to hold onto the first half of the sentence for as long as it takes to get the next half down, and then (in those un-simple made-up contradictions) you have to join them yourself inside yourself. No, here it feels like you always knew this thing they're saying, but you just hadn't gotten around to thinking it. I feel like crying whenever I read something that feels true and doesn't feel like writing. I think because they were brave to be like that instead of being clever (because when you're not making fun of, chances are you're going to get made fun of), and bravery always makes me cry. I was looking for a quote to put here, but I want to quote the whole book."

- Lisa Carver, author of Drugs are Nice, Dancing Queen, and I Love Art